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Jet from the carrier Kitty Hawk CV63Birds eye view of the Carrier Kitty Hawk CV63Navy fighter taking off from the Carrier Kitty Hawk CV63Navy jet landing on the Carrier Kitty HawkU.S.Navy Blimp at Samoa CaliforniaCoast Guard rowing toward the MilwaukeeH-3 Submarine on Samoa BeachB-25 Mitchell  Nose Art Executive SweetAn Air Force transport found crash landed in the ArcticB-17 #5599 on PatrolB-24 Liberator Flight Crew Pose for PhotographerCurtis Hell Divers on Patrol over South PacificCurtis Hell Divers#210 & 211 On PatrolF-16 in FormationFlight Deck Full of PlanesHell Diver #211HellDiver #212Navy Recon Plane comes in on ApproachNavy Recon plane coming inNavy Signalman at work