The Old Photo Guy is a Business dedicated to saving Historical Photos for future generations. I started collecting Logging images after i had a customer come into my studio and tell me about the old photos that were in his family and they did not know what to do with them so they threw them in the dump. After that day i asked every person over 30 if they knew where i could locate old historical photos ; and to my surprise hundreds of people started donating their old photos so my wife Penny and I have dedicated our lives to finding and preserving the past for the future one photo at a time. Our Collection is mainly focused on the Logging along the Pacific North West . We are based out of Northern California in Beautiful Humboldt County. I have been in the Photography Business since 1987. The Old Photo Guy also offers scanning and printing services as well. Contact me to have your Family albums scanned and saved to an external Hard Drive for future Generations to enjoy.