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1920's Grocery StoreStoldt Lodge and Spud CellarFeldners RestaurantShell Gas Station located on Main Street Fortuna, CaliforniaFriedenbach Bros Store Main Street Fortuna, CaliforniaFriedenbachs Shoe Store FortunaGrocery store on Myrtle Avenue Eureka, CaliforniaHorton Moore General Merchandise in The KlondikeInterior view of Friedenbach Bros Store Fortuna, CaliforniaInside Friedenbach Bros Store Fortuna, CaliforniaInterior of Friedenbach Bros MercantileLoleta Market interior located on Main Street Loleta, CaliforniaMa and Pa Grocery Store Eureka, CaliforniaRitchie Woods Drugs 5th St. EurekaSaw Pit StoreStore Interior early 1900sStore interior of Friedenbach's FortunaFriedenbach Bros. 10th and Main Streets Fortuna, CaliforniaGrocery Store and employeesLittle River Store owned by Rogan Coombs parents