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1973Aerial - B&W of jetties to king salmon 1982 copyAerial High Altitude over Humboldt County Circa 1974Aerial of Elk river spit & Samoa in the background Circa 1991Aerial of freshwater towards bay Circa 1983Aerial of hookton slough 1978Aerial of Humboldt bay 1982 of north jetty showinf coast guard stationaAerial of Humboldt Bay from nasa 1974Aerial of Humboldt Bay if False Color Infared Circa.1976Aerial of Humboldt bay Toward Arcata circa 1982Aerial of indian island 1982Aerial of king salmon 1982Aerial of king salmon 1991Aerial of king salmon wave patterns 1983Aerial of mad river slough 1989Aerial of somoa Circa 1983Aerial of the Elk river Circa1972Aerial of the ford ranch in Humboldt County Ca. Circa 1989Aerial of the north spit 1978Aerial ofsomoa Boat Ramp Circa 1993