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2 women at base of trestle2 Men looking at a photo albumAlong the California coast2 Gents sittin on a rock scanned 3-30-2012 from 5x7 glass negative3 Victorian Couples with their guns pose around buggy on river bank SCANNED 4-3-2012 from 5x7 glass negative2 Women and a Man in a row boat SCANNED 4-3-2012 @ 2400dpi  from 5x7 glass negativeEarly Homesteaders printed from original 5x7 glass plate negative copy4th of July from 5x7 glass negativeCouple in Log CabinBoat on a Lake scanned 4-13-2012 from 5x7 glass negativeCliff House in San Francisco scanned original 5x7  glass neg @ 2400 dpiGovernment BuildingEarly Mine scanned 3-27-2012 from 5x7 glass negativeFishing from a log with 2 women and 2 men and one dog scanned 3-27-12 from 5x7 glass negativeGiant Hotel ( Might be Hotel Maryland ) scanned 3-30-2012 from 5x7 glass neg.Home by a lakeGroup above a waterfall #1 scanned 4-13-2012Group of Buggies near shack SCANNED 4-3-2012 @2400 dpi from 5x7 glass negativeGroup of 6 people abouve waterfall #1 scanned 4-13-2012 from original glass 5x7 negativeHotel Maryland scanned 3-29-2012 from 5x7 glass negative