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2 ladies in the Redwoods 19003 men in the redwoods Carson woods Fortuna Ca 19006 women in a tree11 people in a boat along the Eel River1900 walk in carson woods Fortuna1905 the Gow House or the Herman Hanson house 6th and O st FortunaBouquet of Trilliums takes 3 years to bloomCanyon Park and its beautyCanyon Park Metropolittan 1900 LT to RT Drinkwater and wally McIntyre and Stella McIntyreCould be Viv and Parker McIntyre snow day Fortuna 1910Family out getting a Christmas tree pre 1920 Fortuna Ca.fern wallFortuna Ladies groupFrank Grunert in frontGrandmothers ClubGranfathers club 1900Group at Canyon ParkGroup of ladies in boats on the Eel river Weymouth hole 1910Group on a log in FortunaGroup shot of women and children