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Forth of July Celebration in Old Town Eureka1950s View of FstChevrolet Dealer 1938Chevrolet Dealership 1938Chevrolet Dealership EurekaEarly SemiTruck in Eureka, CABuhne MansionEureka  Tiny's Waffle House interiorEureka  Tiny's Waffle House on 4th & HEureka "E" street with the Empire Theatre on left Empire #0053Eureka #0055 Looking North on 2nd can see the Carson Mansion at the end of the StreetEureka #0056 trolley Car in Old TownEureka #0057 2nd St.looking North toward the Carson MansionEureka #212 Tiny's Waffle House InteriorEureka 1924, Zepplin Shenandoah passing byEureka Armistice Day Parade circa 1919Eureka Baking Co.Eureka Carson Mansion from Woodley IslandEureka Fifth St., looking NorthEureka Fire Dept