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Logging photos from the Pacific North West from 1876 to present.

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Testing a TrestleBig Trees Require Big Saws10,000 board foot treeTravelers on a TreeCavalry TreeLogger and children in undercut of Redwood TreeFlat Iron Tree28 Ft Saw3 trains with one log load at Excelsior Lumber CompanyTimberLogging Camp on a treeTravelersAnna Greenwood in Fort Bragg California Mednocino CountyOxen team at workTrain #202 Train stopped on trestle built in 1916 Pugent SoundHand Hewn slab for Chicago Worlds FairOxen TeamHorse Team logging in the Redwood forestHorse in a logShay Locomotive Posing on a Trestle

Guestbook for Historical Logging
Some of these photos touches our heart and its amazing how technology is changing. Man invented several great things and it changed the face of our universe. I feel nostalgic while gone through these photographs.
Dale M. Sellers(non-registered)
These pics gave complete picture on how the people used to survive with the less facilities available compared to the present day technologies. Even the site people has done some research on the same collection. They too got relevant pics in their sites!
I am sure that while the camera was found they would not have imagined that it would but such an invention that would change it would influence people a lot as it does now. It is the best way to keep and carry along memories.
Buzz T(non-registered)
Saw great photos in restaurant. Sadly, could not see others on website. How are photos accessed?
Well I found your logging pictures!! How wonderful to see these, as I memtioned before my husband fell timber for many years and we enjoy see the photos of the early days of logging.
Thanks so much for sharing, I'm sure all your hard work is appreciated by many...
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