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2 guys in Loleta, CaliforniaBuilding the South Jetty Loleta, CaliforniaA huge string of Eel caught Loleta, CaliforniaYoung people with their Salmon Loleta, CaliforniaMarvel's Gas Station Loleta, CaliforniaGas Station on Eel River Drive Loleta, CaliforniaGilded Rose Loleta, CaliforniaJ.P. Meng Gas Station Loleta, CaliforniaLibby McNeill Milk Condensing PlantLibby, McNeill & Libby Milk PlantLoleta Class Photo 1910Loleta Creamery Loleta, CaliforniaLoleta Creamery Loleta, CaliforniaCrew of Libby, McNeil & Libby Milk condensing plantNames of crew of Libby, McNeil & Libby Milk condensing plantLoleta Creamery Loleta, CaliforniaLoleta Danish Brotherhood Picnic Aug 5th 1911 Photo by Keir Fortuna Ca.Jim Davy Chevron Gas Station & 101 Motel Loleta, CaliforniaLoleta Livery Stables fire circa 1956Loleta Fire circa 1956 Loleta, California